Top 10 trending bill Splitting Apps In 2021

In this article, we will provide the list of top trending bill splitting apps in 2021.

Bill Splitting Apps

Splitting the expenses refers to the act of dividing cash among friends, roommates, colleagues, spouses and children, and so on. It permits every celebration to be reimbursed for the prices they’re owed. To make this method green several apps had been launched to ease this experience.

Bill splitting apps assist you and your buddies pay & share the costs of expenses made in one single place. They let you add costs, split across the users who shares the expenses. The expense splitting apps consist of advanced capabilities just like the capacity to add receipts splitting—like while one couple on the dinner desk desires to pay together, or whilst you agree to move 45/55 as opposed to 50/50 on expense. Once all your costs are uploaded, you may have the choice to both settle separately or pay in the app.


Splitwise is one of the maximum flexible payment splitting apps today. It permits customers to form a group with their friends, roommates, and relatives to calculate the payments and percentage of their expenses. You can select to break up the expenses lightly or in percentages. SplitWise app automates payments reminders at month-end so that you can create a brand-new month with a sparkling slate. The homepage maintains a tally report of the quantity you owe, and this may be cleared at any time.

The paid version lets customers calculate their spending in categories, save pics of receipts or even convert the money used.


If you’re searching for a simple app particularly designed for roommates and friends, you need to know about the usage of Settle Up. Like many different expense splitting apps, it lets you form a group to calculate the costs and payments. Settle Up indicates which member of the group needs to pay the subsequent expense to maintain the balance.


An app designed particularly to share costs while traveling, Splid is a robust competitor on this list. This cash-sharing app comes with the tagline ‘Split Bills, Not Friendships.’ and lets customers live on the pinnacle in their costs. It is free to use and does not include a paid version that calls for customers to pay to release as we’ve seen previously. Splid allows its Users to convert their cash into up to 150 different currencies.

4.Super Split

SuperSplit is a convenient way for us to maintain group or family expenses & bills.

SuperSplit App is created to even the expense on your budgeting world which went awry because your friends/ roommate didn’t trouble to divide the expenses.


An app perfect for your friends, Tri-Count makes sharing costs appear to be a breeze. It permits you and your friends to create several groups and the app performs all the calculations by merely sharing a link. TriCount App is designed for use together along with your roommates, friends, colleagues, or pretty much anyone! If you select to percentage expenses in a choppy way that may are available in accessible in case, you are traveling with kids.


Splittr makes splitting expenses awesome. You merely create the journey or event, then upload person costs for that part. From there, you may upload the events concerned in that part and how much everyone contributed hence far. Splittr App does its magic and figures out anyone’s present day balance.

7.Group Me

GroupMe App is usually a group chatting service, however it does have a function known as Split. This is excellent for investment of a group event. In GroupMe, simply click the paperclip icon to the left of the message compose field, tap collect, and input how much everyone owes you. Folks pay through credit card.


Venmo is the way to go for such things as paying a pal returned for lunch or paying payments to a grasp tenant (or tech-savvy landlord). If your roommates owe you cash for lease, they are able to both send you the cash they owe thru the Venmo App (freed from price in case you use a debit card or connect your bank account).

9.Square Cash

Another choice for sending and receiving cash among pals or contacts is Square Cash. It let you send and receive cash through e mail. With Square Cash, simply hyperlink your debit card with your account, then input the recipients e mail address, Cc at the e mail, and input the quantity withinside the concern line.


Acasa goes one step in addition in terms of payments as they set up, manage, and break up them for you. It’s unfastened to apply and that they deal with the lot. Acasa App specifically designed to assist divide family payments, you may download the app and select out and pick which of them you’d want to pay energy, broadband, water, and TV license. This can be an excellent alternative if you’re getting into your first scholar residence and you’re now no longer certain a way to address the utilities.


In this article, we have covered the top splitting tool/apps which are trending in 2021. We recommend you to try these app to plan your trip or other finance efficiently. Hope it is useful. Happy Swingli…

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