Top 10 Scanner app free which is trending in 2021

In this article, we will show the top 10 scanner app free which is trending in 2021. Since most smartphones have a good camera in this modern time, we can scan documents with high quality in one of the best document scanning apps no more scanner or printer to scan Office documents.

Scanning PDF files using the phone can be a faster process than using a desktop scanner.

Some of the benefits of using a popular Android scanner app are access to documents from the cloud, powerful editing capabilities, and some even support OCR (Optical Character Recognition). We have compiled a list of the best scanner apps for Android.

scanner app free
  1. Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is the best scanner app for Android. We can scan notes, forms, documents, receipts, pictures and convert them to PDF files. It’s easy and effective to use. As soon as we point our phone’s camera at the document you want to scan, the document will be automatically recognized and scanned. It even allows us to rearrange the pages as needed.

In addition, there is a built-in OCR that allows us to reuse the scanned content. Scan multiple pages and paste them into a single PDF file. We can also use the document scanner application to email your scanned files or upload them to the cloud. In general, Adobe Scan covers almost all essential functions. The application is that Adobe Scan is completely free and without ads.

2. TurboScan

TurboScan is an efficient Android scanner app with both free and pro versions. It allows us to scan multi-page documents and split them into high-quality PDF or JPEG files. It has a “SureScan” mode for razor-sharp scans and includes multi-page editing functions such as adding, reordering, and deleting pages.

We can use this phone scanner to organize multiple receipts or business cards into a single PDF. We can open PDF or JPEG files in other applications such as Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, etc., or print the necessary documents using Cloud Print.

3. Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner is a trustworthy document scanning app for Android users which has most of the standard features. We don’t need to log in to the app before we can get started right away. We can scan documents, receipts, reports, or other files and save them in PDF format.

The Android scanner app is compatible with all major cloud storage services and allows you to print the files you need in minutes. It also has automatic edge detection which can help prevent distortion by straightening images. The application has five levels of contrast, quick search by document title, password protection for important files, etc. Tiny Scanner is ad-supported and offers in-app purchases.

4. Photo Scan by Google

Google’s Photo Scan is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for the best scanner app to scan your old, printed photos. The Android app scans photos in no time and automatically removes glare. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the lighting conditions. Instead, you should focus on finding your old photo album. The app also saves images based on edge detection. After you’ve scanned the printed images, you can instantly upload them to your online Google Photos storage and share them with your friends and family.

5. Notebloc

Notebloc is the best free scanner apps for Android users. Two wow things about Notebloc is that no watermarks or registration is required. In addition, the application includes OCR for more than 18 different languages. The highlight of the Android scanner app is that it removes all shadow trails on clicked images. In addition, users can scan multiple pages and add them to a single document. In the settings, users can change the page size of the PDF document. The only downside to Notebloc is the full-screen ads that pop up every time you scan a document.

6. Genius Scan

Genius Scan is another free Android scanner app that you can use to scan documents. The app is fast at document recognition, but the app is better at accurate auto-cropping. You will seldom feel the need to adjust the dimensions after self-cultivation. In addition, it has standard document editing features like removing shadows, applying filters, batch scanning, creating multi-page PDF files, and more. The application does a great job when it comes to cleaning the document. The quality of PDF documents isn’t as good as other PDF scanner apps on this list.

7. SwiftScan

SwiftScan is often used as an alternative to Office Lens and Adobe Scan because it has more features. SwiftScan scans documents extremely quickly and users can save the scan as a PDF or JPG. In addition to scanning documents, it also offers scanning of QR codes and barcodes. There is also an automatic upload option.

8. Office Lens

Office Lens is a free Android scanner app designed by Microsoft for scanning documents and pictures. You can quickly capture any document and convert images to PDF, Word, or PowerPoint files. It also allows you to save your files to OneNote, OneDrive, or your local storage. The app is relevant for both business and school purposes. In addition to English, it also works in German, Spanish, and simplified Chinese. Office Lens is added. free and does not include in-app purchases.

9. Google Drive

Wow! Google Drive app for Android has a built-in option to scan documents. While this tool isn’t as feature-rich as the other Android scanner apps on this list, it’s worth a try as many of us already have the Google Drive app installed on our Android smartphones.

To find the scanner option in the Drive app, find the “+” button in the lower right corner and tap on it. New options will appear, including the option to “Scan You must give the camera permission for the Google scanner feature to work. The tool has basic cropping and customizing functions for the document, color-changing options, image quality selection, etc. Alternative for users who rarely use Android scanner apps and do not want a dedicated app to fill their phone memory.

10. Clear Scan

Clear Scan for Android scans any document or picture on the phone. You can convert your scanned documents and images to any format such as PDF or JPEG. This Android scanner app is lightweight and offers fast processing. You can print the scanned documents or images using Cloud Print, the free scanner application that offers various professional editing functions even after the images are saved in the gallery.

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