How to fix Cypress verification Timed out exception

In this post, we will show how to fix Cypress verification Timed out exception.

Most of us when setting up cypress for the first time in the system might have faced cypress failing to launch with an exception as cypress verification timed out.

This exception occurs mainly in the latest version of cypress say >7.0, This exception is caused due to low page load time which is 30000 milliseconds by default.

If our system is moderately slow to load within the timeframe, cypress will fail to launch throwing an exception as Cypress timed out.

We mostly face this exception when we hit. npx cypress open to open cypress runner.

Fix Cypress verification Timed out exception

To solve this issue permanently, we need to increase the default timeout of cypress.

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For this, open the folder where the cypress folder where it is installed.

We can also navigate to the installed folder by right-clicking on the project and select reveal in the folder on the dropdown.

Navigate to node_modules\cypress\lib\tasks\verify.js in the installed cypress folder.

Fix Cypress verification Timed out exception

We should open the verify.js file and search for variable VERIFY_TET_RUNNER_TIMEOUT_MS.

By default VERIFY_TEST_RUNNER_TIMEOUT_MS, its value should be 30000 milliseconds.

Change the value of VERIFY_TEST_RUNNER_TIMEOUT_MS to 100000 and save the file.

Try Opening the cypress runner by npm command.

npx cypress open

This solution provides a permanent fix for the cypress timed out issue.

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