How to find relevant data in sheets using VLOOKUP and XLOOKUP

In this article, we will cover how to look for relevant data in other sheets in excel using Vlookup and Xlookup

What is VLOOKUP Function in Excel

Vlookup work is utilized to query the value with a reference cell and get the value from the selected table and is very valuable and quite possibly the most utilized excel function.

We can use a table or single column to look up the value. And all the lookup can be done in a vertical zone or with columns only.

What is XLOOKUP function in Excel

The Excel XLOOKUP function is a modern and flexible replacement for older functions like VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, and LOOKUP.  XLOOKUP supports approximate and exact matching, wildcards (* ?) for partial matches, and lookups in vertical or horizontal ranges.

Difference between VLOOKUP AND XLOOKUP


This function scans down the row headings at the side of a table to find a specified item. When the item is found, it then scans across to pick a cell entry.


=VLOOKUP(ItemToFind, RangeToLookIn,ColumnToPickFrom,SortedOrUnsorted)
  • The ItemToFind is a single item specified by the user.
  • The RangeToLookIn is the range of data with the row headings at the left-hand side.
  • The ColumnToPickFrom is how far across the table the function should look to pick from.
  • The SortedOrUnsorted is whether the table obtained is sorted or not sorted


XLOOKUP is the newest member of Excel lookup function family.

Using XLOOKUP function we can find things in a table or range by row. ... With XLOOKUP, we can look in one column for a search term and return a result from the same row in another column, regardless of which side the return column is on.


=XLOOKUP (lookup_value, lookup_array, return_array, [if_not_found], [match_mode], [search_mode]) 
  • lookup value is the value to search for
  • lookup array is the array or range to search
  • return array is the array or range to return
  • [if_not_found]    Where a valid match is not found, return the [if_not_found] text you supply.
  • [match_mode] Specify the match type
  • [search_mode] Specify the search mode to use

XLOOKUP gives you the lookup to the left, performs binary search and many other operations where the VLOOKUP is lagging. Once data is obtained we can also create a chart to compare it.


This article covered finding relevant data in a spreadsheet using Excel functions called VLOOKUP and XLOOPUP, we also provided an insight into the difference between the two functions. We hope it is useful.

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