Create chart instantly in excel

In this article, we will cover how to create chart instantly in excel.

Excel has tons of things to explore, and it makes our life easier when we are dealing with a large amount of data. It has enormous shortcuts to make things simpler and faster.

Let’s see some of its basic shortcuts which may be useful if we come across such a need.

Assume we have a huge table, and we want to create chart for the same instantly. We can do that by just hitting the F11 button.

Let’s see very basic key combinations and their benefits.

We have a set of data as shown below

how to create Excel Charts

To create a chart, hit on the F11 key after keeping the cursor in any of the cell values in the table.

We will see an additional sheet with the name chart 1 that will be auto-created as shown below.

how to create Excel Charts

With the F11 button along with other combination buttons, we can also perform operations likes

Shift+F11: it will create a new sheet in Excel.

how to create Excel Charts

If we open a macro-based workbook and if we click on Alt+F11

The Visual Basic Editor window will get opened. (Mac version is Fn+Alt+F11) as shown below

how to create Excel Charts

In this article, we covered a simple tip to create a chart instantly in excel. We hope it could be useful.

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