Best website to learn automation courses in 2021

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In this article, we will showcase the top websites which are considered best for starting up your journey to learn automation in 2021.

With the current evolving IoT and apps, corporations and developers will focus on their software’s overall performance testing. Hence, going through the modern tendencies in automation testing, 2021 we can see an increase in the use of enormous automation courses that comes up each and every day in the market.

Several sites give the offer to learn the HOT Skill courses at a minimum cost also some provide free online courses given by popular authors.

List of Websites to Learn Automation Testing

  1. Udemy
  2. Edureka
  3. Pluralsight
  4. Simplilearn
  5. Coursera
  6. Techcanvass
  7. Katalon Academy
  8. LinkedIn Learning
  9. edX
  10. YouTube

Udemy is one of all the most important and famous getting across to know to learn many things. It started in 2010, it has gathered over 155,000 publications overall that cover several unique topics.

You can discover infinite automation testing courses on Udemy. They cover an extensive range of associated topics, from imposing unique tools (including Katalon Studio and Selenium) to the roadmap to full-stack QA.

Some publications are free, at the same time as others price you from $15 to $180 on average. You get an e-certificate upon completing the purchased topics. One factor you have to realize is that Udemy is a marketplace.

It approaches away courses are created and uploaded from the third party for sales. While a few tutors have high-degree backgrounds, many others stay on a mean stage.

This may cause the inconsistency of content material quality throughout all of the topics. You can download the Udemy App to learn on your mobile easily.


Edureka affords many publications specialized in the tech world, along with computer programming and software programs. It has a wide range of a course that covers an extensive variety of topics.

Edureka App provides you a master’s program to grow as an automation techie. The software additionally gives you free courses on Java essentials and Python.

The training is live so that you can engage with the tutors. In case of lacking the live sessions, you could re-watch the recorded sessions.


Pluralsight is another platform for studying with over 7,000 topics. All the subjects are related to the latest technical essentials, which include automation testing for software as well.

Pluralsight App has collaborated with greater than 1,500 professionals across the domain to create excellent courses for users. Many capabilities are there that will help you flexibly examine and review, along with offline gaining knowledge of, quizzes, and exercise exams.


Simplilearn is yet another famous online education platform and one of the first-rate certification training providers. You can discover lots of sources in the Simplilearn App like articles, eBooks, video tutorials, and webinars. They are free to view and learn. It additionally gives you a 12-month master’s program to become an automation engineer.


Coursera is a large open online course provider with a huge variety of topics. The classes are divided into three major categories: Courses, Guided tasks, and Specializations. The substances are taught through enterprise specialists and experts from famous universities and organizations. Coursera App certifies you upon the completion of specializations or certainly paid guides.


Techcanvass is an Indian organization that gives software program education and consulting services. You can discover many free courses in automation from their website. Techcanvass App also provides several courses on the domain, such as Continuous Integration with Jenkins, Selenium with one-of-a-kind languages (particularly Java and Python).

Katalon Academy:

Katalon Academy is a studying portal that provides all the ideas for automation testing. This consists of web, API, mobile, DevOps, CI/CD pipeline integration, and lots more. From primary to superior courses, it is far appropriate for testers, QA specialists, and builders in any respect levels.

LinkedIn Learning:

LinkedIn Learning is a professional platform that provides high-quality publications, labeled into three main groups: Business, Creativity, and Technology.

The automation testing courses on LinkedIn Learning App are given by industry specialists and skilled professionals. The first-class content is ensured, and you’ll get e-certified for that course. The platform sets a clear studying path in order to take to turn out to be an automation specialist.


EdX is a formal platform that covers an extensive variety of topics, which includes commercial enterprise management, pc programming, engineering, and lots of others. EdX App has around 3,000 topics in general that you could pick out from. ​Some of them require you to realize the fundamentals of programming and a few experiences.


YouTube is a video-sharing platform in the overall world. It is the most common way to study any topic at any time. It is very easy and user-friendly. Nearly everyone knows how it works and its user interface. There are countless free resources.

We have seen the trending sites that provide automation courses online. Each one has its very own strengths that can fulfill your expectation. Happy Learning!!!

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